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Organizations of all sizes in virtually all industries have active cybersecurity needs. Very often, these needs are seriously underserved due to the absence of qualified resources within the organization.

In addition, budget constraints, challenges in recruiting appropriate talent, and highly specific regulatory requirements may contribute to an organization's information security gap.

There is no longer any reason for any company to operate without an information security chief, even if a full-time, onsite executive is not a realistic option.

Bridging the Gap

Hire a virtual CISO today to bridge the gap. A VCISO will provide ready access to cybersecurity expertise, strategic perspectives, and unbiased input. Your VCISO will quickly become a trusted advisor to your Board of Directors and C-suite executives, and the go-to expert for your IT team.

You've already read about our services, so you know what your VCISO will do. These are just three strategic initiatives:

  • Your VCISO will develop an IT security charter, road map, and budget for you in accordance with applicable compliance requirements, cybersecurity best practices, and your unique organizational environment.
  • Your VCISO will guide selection and implementation of a cybersecurity framework that is most appropriate for your organization and industry.
  • Your VCISO will assess and update policies, procedures, and checklists for your IT security program, risk management program, incident response plan, and vendor management program.

Focusing on You

All VCISO services are designed and delivered with one objective: To ensure a robust cybersecurity posture and full compliance for your organization. Hire a virtual CISO today and reap the advantages of executive-level expertise without the executive salary and perks. 

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