A Virtual or Part-time CISO could be the answer to your Cybersecurity Management challenges!

Our services and experience help you prepare and execute your information security strategy.

A number of companies have resorted to working with virtual CISOs (Part-time CISOs) due to regulatory requirements, financial constraints or lack of qualified resources.

Rest assured that your Virtual CISO will have the IT security insight and IT compliance expertise required to prepare your company for an incident and to provide swift response in your time of need. Increasingly we see part-time CISOs helping executive management and the Boards of various companies in identifying their risks. Part time CISOs are assisting with developing Cyber security road maps to address these risks and working with the IT department to implement security solutions.

Don't miss precious family moments because of security emergencies.

Virtual CISO services provide you with quick access to the expertise you need.

Instead of dedicating time and resources to hiring a full time CISO, you can enjoy on-demand services which provide you with flexibility in this ever-changing environment with constantly increasing cyber crime.

You get an unbiased perspective.

With Virtual CISO services you can rest assured that decisions will be made in the best interest of your company, by a well-credentialed and experienced information security expert.

Our Virtual/ Part-time CISO services are customized to help you with your organization's security program:

Leadership: Get proven leadership, strategy and guidance in managing your organization's security risk.  Get an experienced security executive to develop your IT Security Roadmap and budget in context of industry-applicable compliance requirements and best practices. Get help with implementing a Cyber/ IT Security framework.  Get our experienced assistance with communications with your Board and C-Suite.

Risk Assessment - Get expert assistance identifying gaps in your compliance and security posture.

Policies and Procedures Review and update your IT security risk management program, including policies, procedures and checklists with the experience of a part time CISO.

Vulnerability Assessments - Identify your vulnerabilities on all sides through penetration testing, social engineering testing, physical security testing and web application testing.

Incident Response Be prepared for any incident with a strong ally.  Planning and periodic testing are key components of good Cyber Incident Management, as are investigation, forensics and remediation after an incident.

Compliance - By assessing and auditing compliance and gaps against regulations, you can maintain the right levels of documentation and controls as may be required by regulations impacting your industry.

Educate your employees - Our services include security awareness training and management.

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