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Some organizations mistakenly believe that a HIPAA risk assessment is a one-time practice. Not only is it a recommended practice to conduct a risk analysis or assessment on an annual basis, but for some agencies and incentive programs, it is a requirement for attestation.

We have helped healthcare businesses understand the areas of which they need to comply. We can help you navigate the range of requirements for HIPAA compliance.

You may understand that HIPAA violations can lead to fines, but you may also be wondering: What is a corrective action plan?

One surprise inspection can expose a HIPAA violation and change your business forever. So we ask you: Have you conducted your annual HIPAA Risk Assessment?

Can you afford a $50,000 fine for a HIPAA violation? The healthcare industry is extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks and data theft. According to the HIPAA enforcement rule, penalties can reach up to $1,500,000 per year, per violation depending upon the type of HIPAA violation.

By scheduling your annual HIPAA security risk assessment to review your Administrative, Technical and Physical safeguards, you'll be on track.

Here are a few guidelines to follow as well:

  • Review all policies and procedures
  • Conduct an annual HIPAA Training for all your staff
  • Assign a HIPAA Security Officer or a Compliance Officer to lead your overall compliance 

24By7Security’s HIPAA compliance specialists have years of experience, and we can help you strengthen your HIPAA program.  Let us simplify your HIPAA compliance journey. 

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